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Boo Bash Event #2 Wait Times

Published Aug 18 2021

The second Boo Bash event at the Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World was held on Tuesday, August 17th. How were the wait times during the event and how did they compare to the first event a week ago?

Boo Bash Event #2 Wait Times
Note the drop off in times between park closure and event start
The average wait time during the event (beginning at 9:30 PM) was only 9 minutes. Only one attraction averaged a posted wait time over 20 minutes, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, at 22 minutes. Only one other attraction, Peter Pan’s Flight, eclipsed the 15 minute wait time barrier. Seven attractions never posted a wait time other than 5 minutes, which typically indicates a walk on. Space Mountain, typically one of the most popular attractions at the park, averaged a 9 minute wait during last night’s Boo Bash. Haunted Mansion, a spooky favorite, averaged a 13 minute posted wait time.

Compared to last week’s Boo Bash, wait times were down about 2 minutes, on average. Seven Dwarfs, Haunted Mansion, Astro Orbiter, Jungle Cruise, Peter Pan’s Flight, and Space Mountain saw the largest relative drops, but again, we are talking 2 to 5 minute differences. Compared to daily wait times, Boo Bash events present a considerable drop. The overall average wait time yesterday at the Magic Kingdom was 22 minutes (27 minutes during peak hours and without Boo Bash included), compared to only 9 minutes during the event. So there is value if you want short waits during a short period of time.

The first weekend Boo Bash event is this Friday. It will be interesting to see if wait times rise a bit on the weekend. Stay tuned for further analysis! Find additional graphs about the first two Boo Bash events in the Additional Photos section.

Want more Disney World data? Check out each of the theme park pages where you can view current and past data for each park and attraction (Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom). Need to secure Disney dining reservations? Setup Alerts for your favorite restaurants today!

Additional Photos

Boo Bash Event #2 Wait Times
Boo Bash Event #2 Wait Times
Boo Bash Event #2 Wait Times
Boo Bash Event #2 Wait Times

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