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Now Report Wait Times

Published Oct 24 2020

Based on quite a few requests, we’ve added the ability to report how long you waited in line at any of theme parks tracked here. Registered users can either directly enter the time waited in line, or utilize a timer.

Now Report Wait Times
Each open attraction gives the option to report a time.
To submit a time manually, navigate to the attraction of interest. Then, press the Report Your Wait button, which will open a new menu. Remember, you must be logged in for the option to appear. Next, if you have already waited in line and tracked how long you waited, select the duration of your wait from the drop down list (begins at 2 minutes and goes up to 4 hours) and press the Submit button to record the time.

Alternatively, if you just entered the queue, you can utilize the timer method. To get started, press the Start a Timer button. When you are about to board the ride, press the Stop Timer button to record how long your wait was. To help you remember, while your timer is active, an alert will appear at the top of each page, indicating the time elapsed on the timer and a quick link back to the attraction's page, where you can stop the timer.

As we test out the feature, reported times are recorded, but not yet displayed. In the near future, reported wait times will appear on a graph.

Additional Photos

Now Report Wait Times
Now Report Wait Times


Data graphed for 10/24/2020

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