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Universal Orlando Waits Last June

Published May 28 2020

With the Universal Orlando theme parks set to reopen June 5th, we take a look back at wait times during June 2019 for both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.

Universal Orlando Waits Last June
Waits on June 5th 2019
Typically, the past is a decent indicator of what future wait trends may look like. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the value of past trends has changed. The impact of capacity control and distancing measures is unknown and will be interesting to follow in the months to come. Virtual queues may even eliminate traditional wait times.

Now to look back at the data from 2019. Last June was a big month for Universal Orlando, especially for Islands of Adventure. On June 13th, Hagrid’s Motorbike Adventure opened, increasing the average wait across the park significantly from a month prior. This trend held for the summer months. Wait times normalized a bit by the holiday season. Overall, June was the second busiest month of 2019 based on midday average wait time. Wednesday featured the shortest wait times on average.

Universal Studios also saw a big bump in the average wait time during June. Overall, the month ranked 4th in terms of highest average wait (April, July, and December were higher). Like IOA, Wednesday had the lowest wait times on average.

So what is relevant when the parks open next week? That is tough to predict. Under past circumstances in June, you would expect above average crowds. However, with park capacity limits and illness fears, crowds should be below average. However, reduced capacity on rides could lead to higher than normal wait times. It should be interesting to see how it all unfolds as both guests and the theme parks adjust to the new reality.

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Universal Orlando Waits Last June
Universal Orlando Waits Last June
Universal Orlando Waits Last June
Universal Orlando Waits Last June


Data graphed for 6/5/2019

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